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The Concert Digital Exchange©  permanently records the history, version, and authorship of all project files. Architects and engineers can protect  IP and always work with the most recent version.

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Concert at a glance

Using Concert is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Permanently register a unique identifier for each file in your project.


Collect your files together into a set for delivery.


Digitally sign a file or collection of files and store your signature permanently.

Projects of any size

From a few files to tens of thousands, Concert works with all project types.

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Digital signatures

Append your professional license information to your digital signature and permanently record.

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“Concert is a confidence builder. We can now deliver any file including models and databases with absolute certainty that the integrity of the file as sent is preserved. Concert also allows easy identification of any modifications made since delivery.
Having spent my career managing large, complex projects, this is the tool I dreamed of having. It’s here and it is an industry changer! Concert finally allows us to truly work in a highly integrated design and delivery process realizing the full value of BIM with confidence and ease."
Christine Cavataio, President and COO
Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.
"Concert opens the door to the true digital design and fabrication space we’ve been evolving toward with our practice.
 A ‘model of record’ helps build the trust and partnerships necessary for successful project delivery.
We can finally transition towards using the model as the document of record and allow our partners and clients full access.

This is a game changer for the AEC industry and lets us deliver digitally."
Heath May, Architect at HKS
The AECO/RE industry finally have the foundation for the trusted exchange of digital assets. Through the registration and authentication process we can move forward with confidence knowing that the content of critical project information exchanges has been preserved.
Concert empowers project collaboration by providing transparency and agency throughout the lifecycle of a project. With Concert, we have a platform that builds confidence within our integrated teams by maintaining the integrity of project communications and protecting stakeholder intent. This platform provides a cornerstone for the future of digitally enabled project delivery.
Cory Brugger, Architect at HKS

Purpose built for the design and construction industry

CONCERT enables digital delivery with any file type, including PDFs and digital models, on The Concert Digital Exchange©, so designers can secure and protect their IP

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