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The New Economics of Design

by ConcertVDC The first six modules of this series discussed the opportunity that the AIA Digital Practice Documents offer as a mechanism to define digital…

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Managing Project Data in a Decentralized World

by Concert VDC Let’s face it, your data is everywhere and not under your control.   In the past, files were created on software and computers…

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Process Makes Perfect

by Concert VDC Tradition!  Like Fiddler on the Roof, the means and methods of designing, documenting and constructing a building has a long tradition with…

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Digital Practice Leadership – Applying Core Leadership Skills in a New Context

by ConcertVDC In part three of this series, we discussed the opportunities that come with digital delivery, empowered by the AIA 2022 Digital Practice Documents. …

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Design Data is the Engine Driving Emerging Technologies and Value

by Concert VDC Robotics, pre-fabrication, supply chain logistics, and building performance modeling are reshaping design and construction. They all require data and the AIA 2022…

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Is Sharing Digital Data Risky Business or Just A Myth?

by Concert VDC The release of the 2022 AIA Digital Practice Documents opens a new door between design and construction. For some, this represents an…

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The New Fundamentals

by Concert VDC For centuries, paper-based drawings have been king in design and construction. It is embodied in movies, popular culture, and public perception.  Until…

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