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BIM AS A CONTRACT DELIVERABLE | AIA Contracts Launch Digital Delivery!

Tim Dufault, FAIA – Concert CRO On July 20th, AIA Contract Documents released the 2022 versions of the E and G series of contract exhibits….

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LOD IS JUST A MACGUFFIN FOR THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF | Don’t get caught in the trap of detail development, focus on the real value of BIM – High-quality data and model integrity

Tim Dufault, FAIA Concert CRO In cinema, a MacGuffin is an important element or character in the story, but one that doesn’t derive any significance…

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A’22 – HIGHLIGHTS OF ARCHITECTS COMING TOGETHER | An exploration of the changes shaping design and construction

Tim Dufault, FAIA –  Concert CRO The American Institute of Architects (AIA) gathered in Chicago in late June for their first in-person Conference on Architecture…

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CULTURE CLASH: How Cultural Attitudes Must Change to Meet the Digital World

Tim Dufault, FAIA – Concert CRO I was in a conversation about transforming design and construction through digital delivery the other day and one of…

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DAVID VS GOLIATH: Is Web3 the answer to Tech monopolies?

Tim Dufault, FAIA  –  Concert CRO The latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focused its main topic on the issue of tech…

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Customer Profile: CRGA Design

A CONVERSATION WITH PRESIDENT SANDY GOODMAN   WHO IS CRGA DESIGN?  CRGA Design is a comprehensive architecture, interior design, and planning firm dedicated to healthcare…

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