No Seat Licenses, Only Value
  • Publish Files in a Collection
    $5 per Collection
    Authorize and share data with full accountability and traceability
  • Digitally Sign and Stamp Collection
    $10 per Collection
    Sign and stamp digital contract documents with just a few clicks
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the key benefits of Concert?
    New Capabilities:
    - Apply a digital signature to data files, not just documents
    - Create smart contracts with proofs of ownership and decisions made with your data
    - Mobile, anywhere, anytime access
    - Required fields eliminate the chance of incomplete documentation
    - Encryption and audit trails ensure data assets are tamper-evident
    - Unalterable capture of signing data
    - Secure electronic storage (optional)
  • Does Concert require seat licenses or charge for users?
    Not at all. At Concert we use a "postage" style model for our services. You only pay for when services are actually used. This way, your organization can have as many users as you like and not have to worry about paying for unused or under-utilized license seats.
  • Does Concert work with Autodesk BIM360/ACC?
    Yes! Concert has developed a Forge integration with BIM360/ACC so that your shared data can be easily authorized and authenticated using our platform.
  • I am interested in signing up for Concert.
    What do I need to do?
    Contact us through the link on our CONTACT page and we will help you get set up quickly and easily at no expense.
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