ABA Forum: The Collision of Blockchain and Construction

by Concert

Today, Concert CRO, Tim Dufault will be participating in a session titled, “Collision of Blockchain and Construction,” at the American Bar Association FORUM ON CONSTRUCTION workshop.

This panel discussion will explore a number of topics including and exploration of how the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain is a perfect fit for the design and construction industry, which is often a complex collaboration amongst multiple self-interested parties.

Additionally, the panel will examine the potential capabilities of blockchain technology to revolutionize the design and construction industry by providing secure and transparent systems for tracking contracts, design deliverables, construction materials, and even payments.

Finally, within these capabilities come significant legal issues related to data privacy, liability, and contractual disputes. The panel explore the legal implications and challenges of using blockchain technology and how to engage legal professionals to bring this technology to your practice.

The accompanying white paper by Nicholas Anastasi of Pierce Atwood LLP can be found at this link:

Collison of Blockchain and Construction