Creating a Shared Ecosystem in Design and Construction (Part Two)

In our last post, we discussed the critical position of thinking about design and construction as an ecosystem that strives to achieve a balance of cost, value, and impact. We also discussed how we built the Concert platform to support a model of information sharing in that ecosystem. In this post, we will provide an in-depth example of how that would be applied in real terms.

A building project is simply the physical embodiment of a business problem the client is looking to solve. Using the Concert platform to share and document the process of going from a conceptual business problem to a physical solution is the perfect way to capture information and decisions in real time. It starts at the very beginning of the design process, as the client defines the business problem they are looking to solve. Registering the project on the Concert platform creates the backbone of all information shared through the life of the building ā€“ cradle to cradle. The projects business purpose is shared and distributed on the platform to the design team. Automatically, a record is created of the information and the transaction and is stored for future reference. The design team acknowledges receipt of the information and uses the platform to share all the information they develop during the design process. Each time information is shared, acknowledgement is required, and a secure historical record of project decision making is created. As the design progresses, the design team shares digital representations, VR/AR models, details, and product information through the platform. The client provides their feedback and input back through the platform. Again, each transaction is recorded and stored for future reference. Regardless of when the construction leader joins the process, they have access to all those prior inputs and decisions, without the need to duplicate or re-create the prior information.

As the construction process develops, information is shared back and forth between those responsible for realizing the built version of the building and those who developed the design concepts and details. This two-way street of information sharing facilitates more efficient communication and decision making. Solutions can be tested for their capacity to provide the best value and are assessed in the context of all previous decisions. Along the way, at significant mileposts, members across the system memorialize the progress by signing and certifying what is shared. These certifications provide trusted markers in the process, markers that record important decisions and applications. During construction, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, and material suppliers all share information back and forth, whether to clarify their scope of work, communicate the interface of their system with those of other trades, or document the changes that are inevitable in such a complex process. The Concert platform fulfills the need of every member of the ecosystem to maintain the linkages that balance the outcomes for all.

After construction, the Concert platform provides the building owners and operators with an indelible record of everything that precipitated the final product, establishing the foundation for creating a digital twin of the built environment. All decisions are there for review. Performance models that were created during the design and construction phase can be easily compared against actual performance. Records of every component, system, and material used in the building are documented and maintenance and replacement schedules are easily created and managed. Information is always available, 24/7 and is not dependent on having to contact someone on the design and construction team to have them send you data you need in the moment. Since all the information is in one place, it is always easy to find what you need.

All of this is built on the Concert platform, protected by a permanent record in the Blockchain, and accessible to all members of the building ecosystem. It is the heart of a shared information ecosystem that will increase the efficiency of the process and reduce the risk that comes from siloed decision-making. Let Concert be the heart of your design and construction ecosystem