Unbreakable File Fingerprints: Concert’s Promise for Your Shared Data

By Zach Gentry – Concert CEO

In recent blogs, we shared two of the critical promises that Concert makes for your design and construction data. The first discussed how our unified data log consolidates and organizes real-time data authorization and sharing, providing a comprehensive and efficient system for managing and tracking your project files. The second highlighted how Concert’s use of cryptographically secure identities ensures that the people involved with the project are correctly identified along with their professional licensure and authorization. This leads to the third critical benefit of Concert – the files themselves.

Fingerprints for Your Data
Design and construction projects involve multiple parties collaborating, evaluating, and modifying files. Concert synchronizes this process, recognizing the importance of identifying the authoritative versions of files amidst drafts and iterations. Every file uploaded to Concert receives a cryptographic hash; a unique, unbreakable fingerprint. While the fingerprint doesn’t reveal the file’s contents, it acts as a reliable identifier that can be traced and verified through Concert’s unified data log, by anyone, anytime, anywhere with just a drag and drop to our webpage.

Concert’s file fingerprints enable participants to maintain confidence in their work. Why? If any doubts arise regarding the status of a file they possess, they can easily drag and drop the file into Concert’s online file-checking tool. This tool verifies whether they are working with the correct, authorized version. Whether it’s a single file or an entire directory, Concert’s file fingerprinting ensures accuracy and eliminates uncertainty, fostering a seamless collaboration experience.

Concert is dedicated to empowering architects, contractors, and developers by providing a mechanism to validate the integrity of shared project files. Through reliable file fingerprints and our unified data log, Concert provides a seamless and secure environment for exchanging and collaborating on design and construction data.

With Concert, your data is not only protected; it’s empowered to fuel your project’s success.