Full Concert

Today marks a big day at Concert.  Concert now lets you store the documents you share.  (Plus, a lot more)

Over the past few months, we have witnessed small changes add up to something big.  With Concert, you can now upload your files to our cloud, share them with people, and record their acceptance on the blockchain – .  They download the exact copies. In addition, you can customize workflows to let you request files and ensure that your documents are accepted.

When combined with the original features of Concert, such as file lookup to find the most recent versions and know what collections files were part of, as well as digitally signing files, Concert is now able to solve a whole host of challenges within the design & construction industry including:

– Sharing documents outside of your organization, while recording IP ownership

– Obtaining customer and partner approvals at various stages (e.g., design document approval)

– Storing permanent records of documents

– Digitally signing documents and sharing them and recording receipt of them

– Looking up the most recent version of a document to make sure you’re not working off of an old version


We’ve done all this while keeping one principle in mind: Make it easy.  Technology is at its best when, “it just works.”  It’s why we love some technologies and hate others.  When you use Concert, you’ll see that much of what it does, ‘just works.”

While much of what happens behind the scenes, like managing private keys and simultaneously recording information on the blockchain and in the cloud can sound intimidating, on Concert, it just happens.  Uploading a file is intuitive and simple.  Recording to the blockchain happens in the background as you create a permanent record.  And, the myriad of other things that you can do, such a sign a file or lookup a file to see if it’s the most recent, happen exactly when, and where you expect them to.

So, if you’ve always felt like there had to be a better way to make sure that you had the definitive records for your IP when sending it to others, or making sure that when you shared files, you could keep track of who received them and include a digital signature, or the other special use cases that you have – check out Concert.

It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll quickly find yourself sharing information and writing to the blockchain, even when it’s all in the background.

Plus, as Concert we offer all the support and onboarding that is required to make sure that Concert is well received throughout your entire organization.

Please reach out to anyone on the team at Concert if you have questions.  We’re excited to share how it can become your foundation to a new digital future.