Harnessing the Power of Generative AI with Quality Data Management

By Zach Gentry –  Concert CEO

The September 2023 AIA/Deltek Architectural Billing Index (ABI) provides enlightening insights into the present state of technology and AI adoption in architecture firms. The report notes that although AI technology is currently underutilized across firms of all sizes, a significant shift is coming; large firms are gearing up to incorporate AI for design-related applications, with a striking 45% planning to do so within the next two years.

While the timing of firm entry points varies, there seems to be some consensus that generative models will revolutionize design. Let’s remember that generative AI is akin to an imaginative mind that can create, predict, and simulate scenarios never seen before. These models have the potential to transform mere ideas into visual and functional representations. Yet, for AI to make such leaps, it requires a foundation of relevant and accurate data.

Quality data, therefore, is the lifeblood of every AI model. It should be accurate, comprehensive, and reflective of real-world scenarios. Training a generative AI with subpar data is like learning a language with a flawed dictionary; the resulting communication – or in this case, output – will be confusing and unreliable.

Data management, especially in the vast and complex field of design and construction, is fraught with challenges. Key among them is differentiating between substantive transactional data (data with reliance)  VS working data (the digital equivalent of ‘doodles’) – unnecessary files that will clutter your training dataset. When an AI model learns from a dataset littered with these irrelevant files, the results can be misleading and costly.

Concert was designed with precision in mind, distinguishing with finesse between the files that drive transactions and those that should not contribute to the learning process. By filtering out the ‘noise’, it curates a dataset that’s streamlined for efficiency – a dataset that’s ready to be the foundation of your generative AI’s training.

Integrating Concert into your AI training process is seamless. It begins with the collection of your design files, followed by an intelligent sorting mechanism that categorizes and tags each file based on its relevance. This refined data is then ready to be ingested by your AI model, setting the stage for a training process that is both thorough and efficient.

Imagine a scenario where your AI is tasked with generating a new hospital. With a dataset curated by our software, the AI can accurately reference structural designs, materials used, and construction methods that have been successful in the past, leading to a more innovative and sound design.

By utilizing Concert, you can expect your AI models to not only learn faster but also produce more accurate and actionable outputs. This leads to smarter designs, better resource allocation, and ultimately, a more robust bottom line.

In the intricate dance of generative AI and data management, every step counts. Concert ensures that your AI models are dancing to the right rhythm, guided by data that are as precise and reliable as the structures you aim to build. In a world where AI can be the architect of both our designs and our successes, it’s time to invest in the right partner for your data management needs.