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Digital Signatures 2 – Apply for a Signature Credential

Establishing a credential for digital signatures on Concert not difficult but does require some pre-requisite work.   In order to validate your identity and provide proper security you will need to prepare appropriate documentation and set up a Multi-Factor Authenticator app on your smartphone.   The Multi- Factor Authenticator will be required every time you sign a Collection on Concert.

Pre Work

  • Ensure that your professional credential is active and has not expired.
  • Have a valid state identification or passport available for visual confirmation
  • Create a digital image of your handwritten signature.
  • Obtain or create a digital image of your state issued professional Seal 

*Please restrict image sizes to 200 x 200 pixels.  Concert may not accept file sizes that are too large.


Apply for a Signature Credential

Step One: select Your Account on the page banner

 Step 2: Select the Apply for New Credential button

Step 3: Fill in the required form with your

  1. Professional credential information and;
  2. Personal information and;
  3. Upload your state seal image file.

Step 4:  When complete Concert will be notified of your credential request.  You can expect an email within 24 hours to coordinate a time for a video conference.

Step 5: At the video conference a Concert staff member will confirm your identity through a visual inspection of your government ID (no images will be captured of your personal information).  We will then confirm your professional credentials by performing a database search of the state that aligns with the registration.   Once complete your credential will be activated for your use.