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February 2023 – Multifactor Authentication for Signatures

At Concert we are happy to announce the release of multi-factor (MFA) authentication to give you essential security and control over your digital signature and professional seal.

Did you know that 42 US states now allow for electronic seals and signatures? Of these, 30 states require that electronic signatures meet the following general criteria:

  • They are unique to the person signing;
  • They are capable of verification and;
  • They are under the sole control of the person signing

With MFA, Concert is able to fulfill all of these requirements and is the only technology in the world that allows you to professionally sign and seal any type of data file whether it is a BIM or spreadsheet for a contractor, an immersive visualization for an Owner, or even machine readable g-code for a fabricator.  Concert is the essential tool for digital practice.

Feature Notes:

Multi-Factor Authentication for Signatures

Today, we launched MFA on our platform for all digital signatures. MFA is ideal as it ensures only rightful account owners have control over when their signature and professional seal is being applied to data files using Concert.

What is multi-factor authentication? – Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also called two-factor authentication or 2FA, is a proven process of requiring users to provide two or more verification factors to assure the identity of the person applying their seal and digital signature using Concert.

How does it work? – For a new user Concert will require MFA to be setup before you may apply to register your signature and seal credentials.  If you already have a registered credential then you will be prompted to setup MFA.

To use MFA you will be required to have a smartphone with one of many popular authenticator apps installed. Examples include Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, and Authy. The process takes only minutes, and once complete your digital signature is secured and ready to go into action.

We are listening – You asked and we heard you. With the introduction of MFA, the signature process has been streamlined with substantially fewer clicks and pages to navigate. You will find signing your digital work easier than ever.