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Create and setup a Project

Only ORGANIZATION ADMINISTRATORS can create new projects. Standard users will not have access to the New Project function.

Step 1:  Create the Project

  1. On the landing page click on the NEW PROJECT icon adjacent to where your Organization is listed.  The Register a New Project dialog box will appear.
    *Alternatively new projects can be setup from the PROJECTS tab under YOUR ACCOUNT (located at the top  right of the page)
  2. In the dialog box type in a Project Name.
  3. Select the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service and then click the green Register a New Project button.
  4. Completing this process will create a new project environment and take you to the Overview page for that project.

Tip: As a first step you may want to provide a project image. Hover over the image placeholder and click Edit Image when it appears.  Then select an image from your own library to personalize the page. The image can be changed at any time.

Step 2: Adding Users

A Quick Guide to Permissions

When you add a User you will need to set their permission level.  This is a breakdown of the currently available permissions:

<permission list here>

User Setup

  1. To add users select the Settings tab.
  2. From the side menu select Users and click the Edit link to start adding users.

    Tip: Organization Administrators will already be populated as Users and cannot be edited.

  3. Select Add User
  4. Click on the Enter name, email, or email domain field and enter the email address of the user you wish to add.
  5. Click Search
  6. If the User is already has a registered account with Concert the Search function will find them and allow you to select their name. If the User does NOT have a Concert account then Concert will give you the option to INVITE the User to your Project.
  7. Before the invite is sent you will be given the option to modify their Permissions. These permissions can be changed at any time by anyone with Administrator rights to the Project.

    Tip:  If you are adding a User from outside your company it is best to start them with the Issue Only permission.

  8. Click Save to complete the process.   Invited users will be listed in a separate row until the user completes their account sign up.  When this is complete they will be added to the main User list.

    Tip: Anyone with PROJECT ADMINISTRATION rights can add and remove Users as the Project progresses over time.

  9. If you wish to delete a User simply select the Trash Can icon adjacent to their name.   This will remove them from having any accession the Project and its information.  If the User has permissions to a separate Project that permission and access will not be affected.