Managing Data Risk in Design & Construction

Business today depends on shared data. But every time your data goes out into the wild, you risk data being compromised, hacked, spoofed, or infected with a virus expands. In the architecture and engineering industry, most current data-sharing platforms depend on direct file sharing via email or an email secured link. However, that link can be spoofed, directing your collaborators to a confederate platform that looks and acts like an authentic platform. Manipulation of files shared via email happens all the time and can appear to be seamless.

At Concert, we see data security as core to the process of effective collaboration in design and construction. For that reason, when you share data through Concert, a permanent record is created on the blockchain that cannot be hacked, spoofed, or cloned. Data shared through our platform can be independently and immediately verified using our file lookup tool. You don’t need to open the file  — just drag and drop the file into the lookup.

If the file is registered on Concert, the verified information about that file will immediately be displayed. If it has been changed in any way, including the addition of a virus or worm, Concert will not recognize it, giving you immediate feedback that the file you have is not valid and at risk. Any file that tries to spoof or otherwise phish your system with corrupted data or attack your system with a virus or worm can be quickly dismissed without opening the file and subjecting your system to infection.

If you focus on sharing all your data only inside our platform, eliminating email from the sharing process, the risk of any form of data breach is significantly reduced. Files shared inside the platform come from trusted sources and are representative of the author’s intent and actions. Users are verified and authenticated before accessing the system, so the risk of transmitting a corrupted file is greatly reduced.

As with every software tool, user identity and login credentials are the weakest link. Concert will be adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to the login process soon (it is already required to sign any data in the system).

Concert is committed to building trust in design and construction through the seamless sharing of data in a protected, secure, and collaborative environment. With confidence in the data, we can create a more effective design and construction ecosystem.