New Features Propel Productivity

Design and construction processes are intricate journeys that entail thousands of decisions throughout all stages. In this journey, seeking input and feedback is paramount to the success of the project – not only from the users and owners but also from consultants, contractors, suppliers, and all stakeholders involved in bringing the design from concept to reality. However, with today’s tools we encounter a significant challenge – prevailing communication systems fail to foster productivity and lack the capacity to establish a clear and robust record of the outcomes. Therefore, data becomes siloed, valuable time is wasted, and decisions become disconnected.

Today, we are excited to share a significant advancement of the Concert digital platform that solves this problem. Concert was created to provide the robust data record necessary in today’s digital design and construction ecosystem. Our new features leverage that core value –  a persistent record of the design and construction process – to create a persistent record of the decision process.

The Concert platform unites the entire project team in a seamless digital space, empowering them to share information and resolve problems effortlessly throughout the design and construction journey. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Effortless File Distribution: Concert simplifies sharing – from basic design documents and information-rich BIM and fabrication data – easily distribute files with supporting records, ensuring transparency and accountability for every recipient.
  • Enhanced decision making: Concert breaks down communication barriers and promotes real collaboration among all stakeholders, fostering a more open and productive environment for idea exchange.
  • Real-Time Insights: Stay updated in real-time with the latest developments, eliminating delays in decision-making and enhancing the overall efficiency of the project.
  • Role-Based Functionality: Each team member has access to the information and tools relevant to their role, streamlining workflows and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Streamlined Problem-Solving: With Concert, issues can be addressed promptly, leading to quicker resolution, and minimizing costly setbacks.
  • Seamless Integration: Concert effortlessly integrates into your existing processes, making it easy to adapt and incorporate into your projects.
  • Blockchain-Backed Records: Enjoy the power of blockchain technology with Concert’s immutable records, transmittals, and attestations. Build a persistent record for the design and construction process as every transaction and record is tamper-proof, strengthening credibility and safeguarding intellectual property.
  • Identity-Verified Digital Signatures: Professionally sign and seal data files with confidence using Concert’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) for digital signatures. These signatures provide verifiable proof of authorship, ensuring the integrity of your work throughout the project lifecycle.

The key to productivity lies in establishing a clear and concise communication structure with a well-defined identification of each team member’s role. With Concert, you can easily assign responsibility to individuals and specify the role each person plays in the decision-making process.

In the realm of design and construction, real-time sharing and decision-making are the foundational pillars of productivity. Surprisingly, until now, no mechanism has adequately addressed this crucial need. With Concert at the forefront, the industry can confidently stride into the future, equipped with the essential tool that enhances communication and propels projects to new heights of productivity. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Concert and unlock a world of possibilities in the design and construction journey.