New Features Make Keeping Track of Your Team’s Projects Even Easier

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To help you get the most out of the Concert Digital Exchange, we’ve launched some exciting new features that will make managing AEC projects and files easier than ever. By adopting these into your management workflow, you’ll gain immediate project insights, improved invoicing, and reduce project risk.

Concert’s new features include:

Printable receipts: a record of project changes and file transmission including:

  • Digital proof for all of your data
  • Record of all signatures
  • QR-enabled lookup for project files

Notifications:  Concert has now created a way for collaborative teams to keep abreast of project changes.

Watch: enable any project collaborator to keep track of changes using our new “Watch” feature. Just click on the eye in Concert, and you are in the know.

Notification Preferences: Concert is the best way for diverse project teams to share authorized project information, but not all users need to know minute-by-minute details of changes to a project.

Our notification system currently supports two kinds of notifications – our bell notification, which alerts you about all the changes that are happening to the projects on which you collaborate, and our new email notifications.

We understand that people can get overwhelmed by email notifications and that’s why we wanted to give users flexibility. We let project collaborators choose which project updates they want to receive via email. Some may opt for everything. Others can select only to get updates when they log in.

Concert provides flexibility for different relationships with a project.