Protecting Design Value

One of the core tenets at Concert is that design has value.  Furthermore, we believe that digital design data should be shared to maximize this value and therefore requires a platform to both exchange and protect this data.

At Concert we pay particular focus to architectural design and construction industry.  Historically this industry has been dedicated to paper documentation that cannot keep up with increasing complexity and speed requirements from internal and external forces.  In order to evolve the industry is shifting to permit digital files to act as “deliverables” or “instruments of service” to use the parlance of standard contracts.   The digital files, or “assets”, may come in the form of building information models (BIM) either in whole or in portion.  Additionally, digital assets may include “other” supporting data in a variety of formats to facilitate specifications, machine fabrication, automations, and much more.

This shift of right-of-reliance from paper documentation to digital assets has a few foundational requirements which must be met.

  1. A data sharing ecosystem independent of individual ownership
  2. A means to version and authenticate shared data so that it can be trusted
  3. A means of provisioning an indelible date stamp to the digital asset(s)
  4. A means of attributing the data author’s identity
  5. A means of providing a digital signature and professional seal to the data or portions of the data

Fulfillment of these criteria means that design data can be issued as professional instruments-of-service.

At Concert, we have developed the platform and the technology that meets these requirements and unlocks digital delivery for your organization.   We invite you to learn more about Concert and explore how our unique use of blockchain technology makes this all happen.