Will 2022 be the year of Transformation?

Happy New Year to all! Every year moves faster and gets shorter, but that is just the reality of getting older – a year becomes a much smaller percentage of your entire life, so make every moment count! 2021 presented challenges and opportunities for business around the world, but other issues kept businesses from focusing on how to capitalize on their opportunities. Let’s focus on 2022 as the year to make that happen, not as a new year’s resolution, but as a business imperative.

The opportunities to reshape your business are created every day, sometimes in ways you recognize, at other times in ways you can’t see. Think about how the last two years have radically changed the way we work, interact, and connect. 2020 and 2021 launched a new digital information revolution, significantly curtailing the practice of face-to-face meeting, only to replace it with days filled with back-to-back video conference calls. Businesses radically cut back on travel, recognizing that perhaps not all activities must be done in person. Yet, there is much that does depend on personal interactions. Office space around the world is still considerably underutilized as occupancies stay well under 2019 levels. Yet, all major companies continue to promote “return to office” dates. If “normal” is what we used to do, then what’s changed? The way we share information!

We’ve talked extensively in this space about how Blockchain and Web3 are redefining how we share and own our data. It is time to take control of what you create, to own your data moving forward, and to protect your rights on how others use that information. When you take these actions, you will transform the way your company does business. Value will be defined not by your time or your output but on the data – data you create, share, and curate. The NFT wave has paved the way for value to be defined by content and authorship as opposed to contract and deliverable. 

If the early 20th century was the Industrial Revolution, the late 20th century was the Technological Revolution, and the advent of the World Wide Web defined the start of the Information Age, then 2022 marks the start of the Information Sharing Age – the global adoption of data sharing mechanisms through Web3 enabled technologies. Concert is that mechanism and is foundational to transforming the AEC industry, and beyond. 

We set out to create a tool to share digital information across the design and construction ecosystem. We created a simple yet powerful tool to protect your data and to allow you to share it as a mechanism to improve the design and construction process. As we have learned, what we created is far more powerful, more relevant, and more foundational to the transformation of value across all aspects of human life. Concert supports financial grade transactions built on trust and authenticity in the process. It is secure – with 256-bit encryption on each file that is registered and shared. It is authentic, with every transaction verified on the Blockchain. It is simple, with a web-based interface that allows for drag and drop file handling as well as simple processes to register, archive, and share files. And, it is permanent, creating a living chronological record of the information shared with automatic versioning to guarantee you will never overwrite a file again.

2022 is the year to transform your business as we move into a new age of information and data sharing, an age that promises to redefine how we build value for our selves, our businesses, and our communities. Welcome aboard!