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Glossary of Concert terms

ACTIVITY – a record of all transactions related to a Project or a User

ADMINISTRATOR – a permission set granted to a User with the ability to change the Settings of a Project including adding/removing Users, changing User permissions, adding Integrations, and editing Project information.

ASSET – any data file that has been registered to and versioned by Concert and is represented in the asset directory structure on the Overview tab for the purposes of including in a Collection.

ASSET REPOSITORY – a tool to track and control file versioning no matter what the data format is. Also referred to as a Data Hub.

ATTESTATION / ATTESTATIONS – a document that provides proof of Collection recorded to a Blockchain record.

BLOCKCHAIN – a third party technology used by Concert to create immutable records of Collections and their contents to provides a means to authenticate, validate, and sign/certify Assets. These records are distributed across a global network to provide security and fidelity of the stored record information. Concert uses Ethereum.

CHANNEL BASED CONVERSATIONS – real-time feedback and actionable information in one place to keep everyone in sync on an Issue.

COLLECTION – a User created data container created for the purposes of exchanging and digitally signing Assets. A Collection contains the essential information defining Assets, User information, Project information, and additional metadata for the purposes of writing a Blockchain record.

DATA – See Asset Repository.

DATA HUB – See Asset Repository.

FILE – See Asset.

FILE LOOKUP – a process using the File Lookup function found on the banner of the Concert web app where the authenticity of an Asset (or Assets) may be verified. The process requires a User to either select a file from the Browse… button or drag-and-drop the Asset (or Assets) into the defined target area

INTEGRATIONS – a series of automated functions that links Assets from various 3rd party platforms to Concert for record and exchange.

ISSUES – a tool that contextualizes and tracks individual message exchanges, guides efficient workflows with complete metadata, and defines roles and responsibilities of Recipients so they know what to do.

LANDING PAGE – the first page of the web app presented after a User logs in to Concert.

NOTIFICATIONS – information that is transmitted by Concert via email notifying Users of the execution of various events on the app. Events include creation of Collections, Asset Registration, and Signatures. Notifications can be managed under Your Account.

ORGANIZATION – the company that is registered on Concert that has responsibility and ownership of Project(s).

PARTICIPANT – a person who participates as permissioned User in an Issue and may be a Reviewer and/or Signatory of the posted Collection

PERMISSIONS – assignable rules for User accounts that specify what functions are available for their use and what information is viewable. Permissions are accessible under the Settings tab on a Project.

PROFILE – information tied to an individual user account. Concert profiles contain information including identity, organization affiliation, professional role, and professional credentials.

PROJECT – a subset of an Organization, a Project is container where assets for a professionally designed building or structure are cataloged and indexed for the purposes of being memorialized as a Collection and/or distributed through Issues.

RECIPIENT(S) – the designated person / people receiving a Collection

REGISTER – the function where the information and metadata of an Asset is recorded and versioned

REVIEWER – a User assigned to receive a Collection and provide a response within an Issue

SIGNATORY – the person designated to digitally sign a Collection.  A signatory must apply for and acquire a verification before a signature is activated.

SIGNATURE – a Concert function that applies a digital signature using blockchain digital signature standards to a Collection for the purposes of certifying one or more assets contained in the Collection.

TRUST / TRUST MECHANISM – in the Concert trust mechanism, all project participants and stakeholders have the ability to perform an independent audit of the authenticity of assets against the Concert database as well as the public blockchain used by Concert. This assures that participants in possession of project assets trust the information they are consuming is not fraudulent and/or not been altered.

USER – a person assigned credentials to access Concert and perform tasks and functions within the constraints of the permissions assigned to them by an Administrator.

VERSION – A version is the state of an asset at a specific time. Users register new versions as an asset whenever they add a new data file to Concert. Version information is viewable via the Asset Repository or accessible by using the File Lookup feature.