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Technical FAQ

Where is my data stored?

User, usage, and project data that Concert collects through its software is stored in the United States of America on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, us-east-2* regional data centers.
Our application and database servers run inside an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).  Project data storage utilizes Amazon S3 object storage service that stores project data as objects within multiple buckets.

* Concert may elect to relocate data to other servers globally to service changing market conditions.

Are my Assets actually saved on the blockchain?

No.  Blockchain does not actually save your data files like a hard drive.  Instead the blockchain records fingerprint information about the file known as a hash.    The blockchain records this Asset information and combines it with other metadata to provide a proof  that is hosted on a public blockchain ledger.  This proof enables the authenticity of an Asset can always be validated against the blockchain record by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What blockchain does Concert utilize?

Concert is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Ethereum?

What information does Concert record on the blockchain?

Concert writes smart contracts to Ethereum that record proofs of the following:

  • The identity of the owner of the information represented by a unique blockchain-based identifier;
  • The identity of the project or property, also with a unique identifier;
  • Digital fingerprint(s) of all of the files shared in the exchange;
  • Time and date;
  • OPTIONAL – digital signature(s) applied as a means to certify the fingerprinted data as a contract deliverable

Can a blockchain record be deleted?

Once a Collection has been recorded the blockchain record associated with it cannot be deleted.  As a remedy,   However, has a methodology available by request to decouple our database from the record so that all references are eliminated and the record exists with no context to retrieve the information within.